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Oh Brother, My Father. - I love rain [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
J. Smith

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Oh Brother, My Father. [Nov. 28th, 2006|01:39 am]
J. Smith
[Current Mood |coldcold]
[Current Music |Jurassic 5 - Influence]

As Jon recollected about his day at school, he remembered an exercise on stereotypes that he participated in during his Personal Development class. Wanting to test out what he learned only hours before, Jon decided to quiz his father. “Dad, say the first adjective that comes to mind when you hear these words, okay?”
“Can do.” His father replied, with a concentrated brow. Jon situated himself and put on his most serious game face.
“Alright,” Jon paused and thought about what he should start with, “Cheerleaders.” His father pondered for a moment, and then said,
“Short skirts.”
“I was thinking about that one National Lampoon movie where they were tossing the cheerleader, but she didn’t have any underwear on.” Tom said with a slight grin on his face. Jon replied,
“Okay, pervert, I said adjectives, not nouns.” Jon shook his head in frustration, “Construction workers.” Tom looked down, quickly thought of something to say and blurted out,
“Muscles.” Jon closed his eyes, attempting to calm himself.
“Dad, do you know the difference between an adjective and a noun?” His father frowned with discontent as he replied,
“I’m sorry, Jon. My brain is very visual, so when you say things, I think of what I see, not what they are.”
“Okay, well, try harder.” Jon stared at his father for a long moment before saying, “The French.”
“Stupid!” Tom screamed with delight. Jon smiled and replied,
“Very good! Now, gay people.”
“Legs. No- Big boobs.”
“Dad!” Jon screamed in angst, “Adjectives!!”
“I’m sorry.” Tom said as he smirked to himself.
“Okay,” Jon uttered as his patience began to crumble, “One more try... A+ students.”
“An Asian dude.” Jon threw his arms into the air, huffed with fury and exited the room.

From: sweetembrace_
2006-11-28 11:57 pm (UTC)
hahaha this really made me laugh.
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[User Picture]From: ymitroy
2006-11-30 04:01 am (UTC)
this is the first time i have checked my livejouarnal in many years.
but that story is very funny. so there you have it
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